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Legal stuff

Some good stuff to keep an eye on: In defense of “Stand Your Ground” laws Marines no confidence in Obama LA City considers banning free speech UK schools ban kids from being “best friends” SCOTA slaps down EPA CA union demands parents stop volunteering… Advertisements

Site maintenance and links

Today I am going to update the links and widgets for the site, in order to provide to my readers a convenient research portal. I will include a section for sites that I check daily or weekly. Part of resiliency is proper threat assessment. If you weight your preps for hurricanes, but live in Idaho, […]

Why be resilient in your life?

Some may ask why be resilient, why develop independent income streams, why develop community ties and why produce some of your own food or support its production locally? Here ya go… Iran Madonna fans beg Netanyahu to hold strike until after her performance: http://www.haaretz.com/culture/arts-leisure/israeli-fans-beg-pm-to-hold-off-iran-attack-over-madonna-show-1.412014 Syria Assad contemplates use of chemical weapons in Homs: http://www.haaretz.com/news/middle-east/assad-forces-mull-use-of-chemical-weapons-in-homs-opposition-says-1.411954 Mexico […]