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Updates on Youtube

I finally got around to editing a lot of video I have shot recently and getting some of it uploaded to Youtube. I did a review of the Baikal 20 gauge side by side and the Mossberg 500E in 410. In addition, I did a review of my new Buck Hoodlum Punk and the custom […]

Make Something!

So, I got out in the shop this weekend and here are the results. Honestly, they are pretty pathetic. The woodwork on the knife handle is sloppy, mis-cut and I will have to redo it. On the plus side, I peened the brass rod to hold the slabs on and it seems to have worked […]

My To Do list…

Dang it! This resiliency thing is a lot of work! Getting the M1 Kaveman Kits off the ground is turning out to have a lot of hiccups, mostly to do with my tendency to plan something and then procrastinate the execution. So, to keep myself on track and share with you what is going into […]