Off the Net

Ill be off the net for a week or two. Ill be announcing the winner of the Arrow Card soon. I just flat ran out of time before this deployment. I wish you all the best of luck and I will check back onto the net soon. Just for giggles, below is the list of […]

Tar and Feather award and Legal Resiliency

* Let’s face it, we live in a fundamentally screwed up society. Specifically, I have in mind the US Justice system. I remember first becoming aware of this when I listened to Charlie Daniels sing about being a Simple Man. As a student of history, I can look back and see it has really always […]

Sometimes local does NOT equal better.

Often enough, our resiliency is hampered by the rules under which we live. I have discovered that it is almost completely economically unfeasible for me to sell my homebrew beer. Between the licensing and everything else to be in regulatory compliance the price entry point into the business is prohibitive and there is no allowance […]

M1 Kaveman Kit

Below is a concept sketch for the M1 Kaveman Kit. The color squares will be .60 thick Kydex, I plan to initially buy black, OD and Dark Brown. The eyelets are 1/4″ and the slits will admit 2″ bands. The large blade will be a 12″ Tramontina machete modified by me and the small blade […]