Legal stuff

Some good stuff to keep an eye on: In defense of “Stand Your Ground” laws Marines no confidence in Obama LA City considers banning free speech UK schools ban kids from being “best friends” SCOTA slaps down EPA CA union demands parents stop volunteering…

Site maintenance and links

Today I am going to update the links and widgets for the site, in order to provide to my readers a convenient research portal. I will include a section for sites that I check daily or weekly. Part of resiliency is proper threat assessment. If you weight your preps for hurricanes, but live in Idaho, […]

10 cent knife…thinking outside the box

This is a simple, easy approach to a common problem, the need for a small, cheap blade for multiple kits. I plan to make one tonight. Resiliency requires us to be flexible in our identification of opportunity and in our approaches to problem solving and this is a great example. I also plan to use […]

Resiliant Communities

I was going to post today, but there is no need. Just go HERE and read what John Robb has to say, I can’t do better today!

Build a killer tribe

I found a link to this from a friend (Hi Lana!) and thought immediately that someone has written down as new what is just plain horse sense. But, it is horse sense we, as a nation, have lost in our post-modern hurry. It used to be called taking care of customers or just plain being […]