Defining a Resilient Community

On 24 February John Robb put up a post on his Resiliency blog attempting to define what a resilient community meant to him. I am going to quote him below, then tell you what it means to me and try to flesh out some details regarding how it may come to pass for me. I […]

Tar and Feather award and Legal Resiliency

* Let’s face it, we live in a fundamentally screwed up society. Specifically, I have in mind the US Justice system. I remember first becoming aware of this when I listened to Charlie Daniels sing about being a Simple Man. As a student of history, I can look back and see it has really always […]

Site maintenance and links

Today I am going to update the links and widgets for the site, in order to provide to my readers a convenient research portal. I will include a section for sites that I check daily or weekly. Part of resiliency is proper threat assessment. If you weight your preps for hurricanes, but live in Idaho, […]


Newton’s 1st Law: The vis insita, or innate force of matter, is a power of resisting by which every body, as much as in it lies, endeavours to preserve its present state, whether it be of rest or of moving uniformly forward in a straight line. It would be very easy for me to put […]

M1 Kaveman Kit update #1

OK, as a learning experience, I am going to list out my sourcing for the M1 Kaveman Kits. I searched diligently across the internet for all the things I needed to make the machete/knife sheaths, pouch and mini-kit. I will list my sources, the quantity I would have to buy of each item and my […]

My 10 cent knife project

So I finally got off my butt and got out in the workshop. This little project took about 30 minutes total, including design, layout and grinding. First, I took a hacksaw blade and drew it’s outline on graph paper. Then, using a pencil, I drew in the lines I wanted in a small neck knife. […]

My To Do list…

Dang it! This resiliency thing is a lot of work! Getting the M1 Kaveman Kits off the ground is turning out to have a lot of hiccups, mostly to do with my tendency to plan something and then procrastinate the execution. So, to keep myself on track and share with you what is going into […]

Finding resiliency in community

  John Robb brought a Transition Community to my attention in one of his recent posts. I wish I had known about them before we left Germany, they aren’t very far from where we used to live! I know a lot of folks look askance at the idea of building a community in a deliberate […]

10 cent knife…thinking outside the box

This is a simple, easy approach to a common problem, the need for a small, cheap blade for multiple kits. I plan to make one tonight. Resiliency requires us to be flexible in our identification of opportunity and in our approaches to problem solving and this is a great example. I also plan to use […]

Resilient Health Care

One of the most difficult areas to develop personal resiliency is in the area of health care. Few of us feel adequately prepared to meet the demands of even minor emergencies. So, what happens when the support structure we count on is on longer available? The modern 9-11 system we depend on and the EMT […]