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Threat assessment, Middle East War

This is not a chicken little update. The core to developing your own resiliency is to accurately identify the areas of your life where you are NOT resilient and work to make them increasingly so, all the while improving your life if nothing fails.

So, in that spirit, let’s take a look at what a wider Middle East war would do to you and your family. How does $10 a gallon gas affect you? Will it end your job or force you to find accommodation during the work week closer to work, perhaps leaving your family at home during the week? How about $5 a gallon milk or loaf of bread? Buying food when it is cheap is a form of capitol deferral, how much have you practiced?  With cuts to police forces and higher crime rates from people grown increasingly desperate, how will it affect your security?

HERE is the best article I have read yet that lays out Why a Persian-American-Israeli war is growing more likely, in fact, may be inevitable. What will you do this week to shield you and yours from the economic and social shocks of such an event?


One comment on “Threat assessment, Middle East War

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