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Keeping our Liberty, key to our resiliency

What a tangled web we weave. We are so far down the rat hole of progressivism we don’t even realize it. Like the occupants of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, if someone were to come in from the outside and describe real Liberty to us, we would beat them to death for being a liar and rocking the boat.

It is time some of us started rocking the boat. One, THIS story pisses me off. The complete and utter lack of the application of common sense, decency or morality by those in authority is abhorrent to me. The larger zero tolerance policy issue I will set aside for a later post, but the ultimate answer is to thoroughly and publicly humiliate those responsible for these actions. In times past, public officials who managed to piss off the populace faced tar and feathering. Pain wasn’t the primary objective of tarring and feathering (just a nice side benefit) the primary goal was humiliation. And the penalty didn’t end once they had plucked themselves. In a close knit society like the colonies a person could find themselves cut off from business, social circles and all other aspects of community life.

Why am I bringing up this particular example? Because THIS group got pissed off about it and decided to do something. They deserve all the recognition they can get. They may wind up being totally ineffective, but at least they are doing something. Every time we have one of these incidents, concerned citizens should be building websites and publishing letters to the editor, calling out these idiots by name in their home communities. They should be made to feel the pain in their social circles, at their kids little league game and anywhere else they go. Everyone should know their face and know they are a complete fuctard. Their MOTHERS should be calling them and telling them they should be ashamed!

Enough is enough!


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