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Site maintenance and links

Today I am going to update the links and widgets for the site, in order to provide to my readers a convenient research portal. I will include a section for sites that I check daily or weekly. Part of resiliency is proper threat assessment. If you weight your preps for hurricanes, but live in Idaho, you have missed the mark! Conversly, if you are in Florida, you probably don’t have to prep for snow measured in feet. Part of that threat assessment then is good research. These are sites I have found reliable. I will also link articles I find today that are interesting or relevant.

Drudge Report
Global Guerrillas
Resilient Communities
Chaos Manor by Jerry Pournelle
Fox News
Small Wars Journal
The Survival Podcast Forum
Hoods Woods Forum
Road to 100K Forum

Queso Paper
Global Counterterror news
SOF news update
Fear Honor Interest strategy blog
Volokh news blog
Althouse legal blog
Abu Muqawama COIN blog
Family Preparedness blog
Art of Manliness blog/forum

Warrior Talk Forum

Get Off The X forum

The Survival Podcast
Bad Quaker Podcast
Dan Carlin Hardcore History and Common Sense podcasts
The Rabbit Podcast
The Gun Runner Podcast
Guerrilla Radio Podcast (GRP)
Cowboy Libertarian
My Middle Earth radio and podcasts
15 Minutes with Jack
Doom and Bloom with Doc Bones and Nurse Amy Podcast

Youtube channels:
Backwoods Survival
Backyard Food Production
Balcony Grow
Bodhran classes
Bushcraft on Fire
Dr Bones and Nurse Amy
Earth Walker Primitive
Equip 2 Endure
IA Woodsman
ITS Tactical
Chef Keith Snow
Kentucky Afield
Larry Hall container gardening
Living History School
Paul Wheaton Permaculture
Shugemery outdoors
Sootch outdoors
The Survival Podcast
The Longbow Series
The Patriot Nurse
The Urban Farming Guys
Trapper Jack Survival
Viking Tactics tactical training
Dave Canterbury
Zodiac survival


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