My 10 cent knife project

So I finally got off my butt and got out in the workshop. This little project took about 30 minutes total, including design, layout and grinding.

First, I took a hacksaw blade and drew it’s outline on graph paper. Then, using a pencil, I drew in the lines I wanted in a small neck knife. I added a bottle opener, since most of the beer I prefer doesn’t come with a twist off cap, a small flat-head screwdriver which doubles as a ferro rod striker, a small choil more to catch the kydex sheath I plan to make than to protect my finger, enough room to wrap some 1” gorilla tape and utilizing the existing saw hole.

Then, I drew those lines onto the hacksaw blade

I placed the sawblade into my bench vise, the part I wanted to use below the grip. Then, I hit it with a 2lb hammer and it snapped right off at the vise.

I used a grinder to slowly grind away the edge profile, dunking the blade into a cut off Mountain Dew bottle of water every 2-3 seconds to keep it cool. All the grinding and the rough edge grind were done this way. I was able to eat away most of the metal for the bottle opener but not the detail work, which I did by clamping it in the vise again and using a chainsaw file.

Add gorilla tape, some 550 cord to lengthen the handle and it needs some more edge work on a stone, but not bad for a 10 cent, 30 minute project! Thanks to M4040 for the idea!


2 comments on “My 10 cent knife project

  1. Very neat. It seems like the grip is a little small though. Can you get enough leverage?

  2. Yes. You put your little and ring fingers into the 550 cord loop and use that as a handle extension. You could certainly make the handle longer, I only used about 1/3rd of a standard hacksaw blade for this. I wanted it as short as possible because i plan to make a kydex sheath for it and hang it as a neck knife.

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