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M1 Kaveman Kit update #1

OK, as a learning experience, I am going to list out my sourcing for the M1 Kaveman Kits. I searched diligently across the internet for all the things I needed to make the machete/knife sheaths, pouch and mini-kit. I will list my sources, the quantity I would have to buy of each item and my evaluation of what my price point would have to be to make this economical. I will also list the items I would have to buy that fall under durable goods rather than parts for the kits.

End Items:
Old Hickory 4” paring knife  $6.50 ea.
Tramontina 12” machete  $6.49 ea
Grenade pouch  $5.93 ea

Kydex Sheaths:
.60 thick OD Kydex, 24×48 sheet $18.29 per sheet (1 sheet = 6 machete sheaths and 15 knife sheaths) or $3.05 per sheath
¼” eyelets $1.75 per 20 (6 per machete sheath and 4 per knife) or $.09 ea or $.48 per machete sheath and $.36 per knife sheath or $.84 per kit

Survival Kit:
2.5×2.5” hinged tin container  $48 per 100 or $.48 ea
2.5”x.25” ferro rod  $98 per kilo (approx. 78) or $1.26 ea
Size 24 green nylon seine twine  $14.35 per 698’ roll or $.05 per foot
550 Cord  $44.95 per 1000’ or $.05 per foot
20mm liquid filled button compass $15.99 per 48 or $.33 ea
Fox 40 whistle 20-249 $3.50 ea
Large Safety Pins (PX) $.85 per box of 85 or $.01 ea or $.03 per kit
Sm. Bait hook (PX) $4.49 per 100 or $.05 ea or $.15 per kit
Lg. bait hook (PX) $1.09 per 10 or $.10 ea or $.30 per kit
Sm. Treble hooks (PX) $1.29 per 4 or $.32 ea or $.64 per kit
Assort. Split shot (PX) $2.49 per box or $.05 per kit
Fire straw (1” section of drinking straw stuffed with 1 cotton ball rubbed with Neosporin ointment) (PX) $.02 ea or $.06 per kit
HD Aluminum foil (PX) $.02 per 18”x18” piece
Orange Flagging Tape (PX) $1 per 300’ roll or $.03 per kit
LG bandaids (PX) $3 for 20 or $.15 ea or $.30 per kit
Butterfly bandage (PX) $6 per 100 or $.06 ea or $.12 per kit
Triangular muslin bandage (not mil) $2.20 ea
Snare Wire (45lb test picture hanging wire) $25.59 per 500’ roll or $.05 per foot or $.20 per 4’ snare or $.40 per kit
Gorilla tape, 1” (PX) $3 for 30’ or $.10 per foot or $1 per kit

The kit will come with recommendations for additional items that are easily purchased. I plan to also do a video demonstrating how to use the various items. The two sheaths and pouch are modular, meaning they can be connected through the eyelets with zipties (how they will be shipped) or separated and tied to equipment individually. The machete sheath will also be able to be slipped on a belt.

I have not made one yet, so I cannot put a figure to production time. I am anticipating an hour, total, to make and assemble each kit, including modifying the blades, making the sheaths and an average for assembling the mini-kits.
Total material costs are approx. $40 plus tax and shipping per kit.

Total cost of a stripped kit, consisting of Machete, knife, sheaths, pouch, tin and ferro rod would be $28 plus tax and shipping. I could reasonably sell these for $40, include a list of items easily bought locally at Wally World or links to online vendors and do an additional video on how to pack the mini-kit for yourself.

Durable goods:
¼” eyelet setter $7.95 ea
Cabinet makers vise (to make kydex press)(local hardware ordered me one similar to this: ) $25
Electric griddle (on sale at PX $25 similar to this: ) used to heat kydex

The rest are general shop tools I would want to have around anyway, such as an upright belt sander, new grinder wheels, band saw, heat gun etc.

I would welcome any feedback, either to the functionality of this item or any errors you see in my estimation of the business model.



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