My To Do list…

Dang it! This resiliency thing is a lot of work! Getting the M1 Kaveman Kits off the ground is turning out to have a lot of hiccups, mostly to do with my tendency to plan something and then procrastinate the execution. So, to keep myself on track and share with you what is going into just producing 10 sets of a testbed product, here is my To Do list:

Place orders:
Order #1: 6 ea 12×24” sheets kydex, 3 OD, 2 Black, 1 Earth Brown; 1 pk rivets, rivet set and die, Chicago screws
Order #2: Tin boxes
Order #3: 20mm compass
Order #4: Grenade pouches
Order #5: Machetes
Order #6: Old Hickory Knives
Order #7: Ferro Rod
Order #8: Wood Working vise
Local Purchase: Padding for kydex press, Fox whistles, PVC glue, spiderwire, snare wire

Make: Kydex press

Non-M1 KK related projects:
1. Film making a neck knife from hacksaw blade. Get other similar saw blades for other prototypes.
2. Make 1st ever Kydex project, a pouch for my Gerber multi-tool to replace the worn out cloth sheath.

Contact Hoodlum brother and sign up for Host Gator through his affiliate link, reserving my URL’s

Set up URL page (high learning curve for me)

Contact Survival Gear Bags about adding affiliate banner to new blog and URL’s

Formalize Kaveman Outdoors imagery, get large and small jpeg for internet use, develop one for stationary and business cards. Print business cards.

Set up Facebook, Youtube, other social media sites for Kaveman Outdoors

Do review of Survival Gear Bags bag

Do review of Armadillo Sheath for Hoodlum Punk

Record Angela’s rendition of “Take This Hammer” for Youtube intro music. Film 30 second Youtube intro.

Figure out how to receive Paypal payments

Pre-Deployment preps:
Put in food storage area in garage. Buy storage mediums (5 gal buckets, vacuum sealer and bags, All American pressure canner and jars/lids/rings, Excalibur 2000 dehydrator)
Build raised garden bed
Build/modify dolly for generator
Buy and stabilize 30 gal gas
PMCS chainsaw, generator, guns, knives, tools


2 comments on “My To Do list…

  1. …”my tendency to plan something and then procrastinate the execution” Story of my life, brother…story of my life. lol

  2. Just picking up on this… thanks for your thoughts, my friend.

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