Finding resiliency in community


John Robb brought a Transition Community to my attention in one of his recent posts. I wish I had known about them before we left Germany, they aren’t very far from where we used to live! I know a lot of folks look askance at the idea of building a community in a deliberate manner. They get pictures in their heads of flower children and free love communes. But, how much crazier is it to plan to move in amongst strangers and expect to find they are all like minded individuals? Why is it not recognized as much sounder thinking to invite folks into your life deliberately, selecting those who share your hopes, dreams and values?

I’ve done a fair bit of thinking and work on this idea already, and I hope this coming year will allow me to put some polish on those ideas. For certain, my family and I plan to buy 100+/- acres in early 2013 that we hope will someday house such a community. I’m only bummed because I don’t have a small, abandoned castle to move in to!


2 comments on “Finding resiliency in community

  1. Castles, like community, can be built anywhere one brick at a time.

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