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Success Story #1: Equinox Coronado

I am going to begin a series on the blog documenting success stories of those who are on the path to achieving personal resiliency. I think it is important to acknowledge the accomplishments of those who share our desires and goals, both to motivate us to get out there and get to work on our projects and provide a little free advertising for those who deserve the boost.

Ill say up front I have not talked to Vec, owner, operator, head pirate and dishwasher at Equinox Coronado before writing this. I have had the opportunity to visit extensively with him and his Saintly wife and pack of velociraptors aka kids and I like to think I can call him friend. I also own a fair selection of the stuff he makes, including 2 of his hawks, an Eco-hawk, several of his machete sheaths a dog tag arrowcard and a Ribz outfit.

Vec’s stuff is universally outstanding. The quality is first rate, the happiness guarantee and general service is without peer in my experience. I took my first Hawk to Iraq in 2008-2009 and despite my abuse of it it proved impossible to break. I was so happy, I ordered a shorter version to take to A’stan this year and it performs beautifully!

Vec’s story is one of true resilience. Between his known associations with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children and various headhunter tribesmen Vec has established a home and community that is truly resilient, not only with his successful business, but his local community. His business connections are both local and national/international but he seems to choose to foster local contacts whenever possible. He invariable offers advice and insight to aspiring warriors, entrepreneurs and holy men.

If you get the chance, do business with him. And, if you get the chance to visit, keep a close eye on your whiskey and your women!

Buisness:  http://hawks.equinoxcoronado.com/

Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/zzzombiez


One comment on “Success Story #1: Equinox Coronado

  1. rather beneficial material, on the whole I imagine this is worthy of a book mark, thanks a lot

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