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M1 Kaveman Kit

Below is a concept sketch for the M1 Kaveman Kit. The color squares will be .60 thick Kydex, I plan to initially buy black, OD and Dark Brown. The eyelets are 1/4″ and the slits will admit 2″ bands. The large blade will be a 12″ Tramontina machete modified by me and the small blade will be an Old Hickory 4″ paring knife, also modified. The grenade pouch will contain a 2×2.5″ hinged tin box full of survival goodies plus a 3″x.25″ ferro rod with 1″ gorilla tape as a handle, a bandanna and a turkey oven bag. The small sheath has its own back, so it can be dismounted and worn separately. The goal is to make the whole thing modular and adaptable to how you want to wear your gear.

Ballpark I will have about $32 in materials and about an hour of work between making the kits assembly line style, making the sheaths and modifying the blades. In addition, I am still figuring out the capitol outlay for tools and I will have money tied up in inventory I don’t initially plan to sell, i.e. I am planning on making 10 M1 kits initially, but am ordering 100 of the tin boxes and a kg of ferro rod.

On another positive note, I am sending the first M1 kit to Colhane (http://www.youtube.com/user/Colhane), he is the source of inspiration for the machete mods and he has agreed to do a review of the kit.

Get out there and make something!

M1 Kaveman Kit concept


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