Build a killer tribe

I found a link to this from a friend (Hi Lana!) and thought immediately that someone has written down as new what is just plain horse sense. But, it is horse sense we, as a nation, have lost in our post-modern hurry. It used to be called taking care of customers or just plain being real. For a resilient community, whether internally or in our transactions, it is essential. Check it out.


“We’ve talked before about why you need to find your tribe — a unique group of fans, friends, and followers. This can be done with a blog, radio show, or speaking platform.

But how do you actually do this? How do you create a community that wants to hear what you have to say?”

p.s. This is an even more impactful article to me, how do you define your tribe?  http://goinswriter.com/find-your-tribe/


2 comments on “Build a killer tribe

  1. One of my favorite thought provokers. Not surprised you are looking for how to take those thoughts and make them actions.

    Time to find a horse.

  2. Indeed…and a good sword!

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