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Getting started

I feel like I need to set some direction for this blog. I hope to provide, for myself and for those who are following this path with and behind me, resources and insights into how to establish a lasting family endeavor, a vibrant local community and a sustainable, flexible income stream. To that end I hope to gather interviews, resources and opinion from local experts in order to flesh out what are, for now, elaborate ideas in my own head!

I started taking pictures of houses, mostly so I could record architectural ideas that I might someday want to incorporate into my own home. This blog takes that idea and expands it to include founding a community of like minded individuals and developing a larger area, including a homeplace and work place.

If you have experience in any one of a number of relevant topics, I would love to plan and do some interviews, orally, on video or on paper. Please, share your ideas, what you are doing locally or planning to do in the future and HOW you are preparing to accomplish those ideas.

If this appeals to you, drop me an email at caveman21@gmail.com and I will make you a guest contributor to our blog.

Topic ideas: legal requirements for setting up a non/not for profit organization, online business models, website development, commercial real estate, product/service development, setting up a commercial kitchen, co-ops/ sub-contracting arrangements, trusts, land development, permaculture design, etc.



One comment on “Getting started

  1. Chuck from A of M here, hope this gets through.

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