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My Resiliant Life

Here is something that I wrote to a dear friend who is walking this path with me. I welcome your feedback, the key here will be to keep this a community endeavor!

The way I see the future shaping up looks something like this. Understand, this will take years to put in place, but it is a macro design goal. Not all of these parts will become reality, we are bounded by time and money and the ability to build a community with sufficient depth of skills and desire and calling. Wherever possible, I would rather partner with someone who is already doing these things than start from scratch.

I. Kay Family Trust
Task: Insure the Kay Family retains control of the physical land entrusted to it IOT provide a generational homestead for the Michael and Angela Kay Family descendants. Revenue neutral

II. Centurion’s Faith Ministry
Guiding Principles: Teaching, Making, Nurturing, Serving
1. Community centric: there is simply too much to do, too many benefits and too much risk negation in a strong community. Community is how we are designed to live and the penultimate in human society.
2. Self-sustaining: limited external inputs. The definition of limited is purposely vague, but it is understood by the community that the least self-sustaining aspects are the first to be cut in times of resource shortages.
3. Liberty promoting: all our activities should promote the individuals freedom to live more fully in the liberties bought for us on the cross and enshrined in the constitution
4. Education focused: life is about learning, all our efforts should produce revelation, education and inspiration
Task: Act as an umbrella non-profit organization for all community charitable, educational and non-profit activities. Revenue neutral.
A. SAR/ Emergency Response Team
B. Historical Re-enacting
C. Manhood University
D. BSA, etc

III. Fionna Farm and Outdoors
Guiding Principals: Taken directly from Permaculture:
Prime Directive -The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children.
Ethical Principle 1 – Care of the earth
Ethical Principle 2 – Care of people
Ethical Principle 3 – Return of surplus

Twelve Principles of Design:
Observe and interact
Catch and store energy
Obtain a yield
Apply self regulation and accept feedback
Use and value renewable resources
Produce no waste
Design from patterns to details
Integrate rather than segregate
Use small and slow solutions
Use and value diversity
Use edges and value the marginal
Creatively use and respond to change

Task: Act as an umbrella LLC or Inc. organization for all community for-profit activities, provide inspected kitchen and other assets using a hackerspace model.
A. Hillbilly Permaculture Farm and Design
B. Bareassed AgriTrue Condiments and Foods
C. Wandering Warrior Guide and Outfitters Service
D. Conference Center and B&B

Summary: My goal is to provide land and basic, maximally off-grid, infrastructure for those who feel led to form a community focused on Christ and His Church, financially and resource resilient and servant focused. Association can be as loose or as integrated as the individual feels led to be, but basic rules outlining broad but firm limits are recognized. More and more I believe the homestead and the business sides may be geographically separated.

Tentatively I have identified Winston County, Alabama as the home for this endeavor.

2013: Purchase land. Legally incorporate KFT
2013-2019: Build infrastructure, Permaculture design the land.
2019: Legally incorporate CFM and FF&O. Build online presence.
2020: 1st year of Kay Family occupation


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