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Off the Net

Ill be off the net for a week or two. Ill be announcing the winner of the Arrow Card soon. I just flat ran out of time before this deployment. I wish you all the best of luck and I will check back onto the net soon. Just for giggles, below is the list of books I have loaded on my Nook!

2nd Treatise of Government by Locke
Army Ranger Handbook
Dental Emergencies
A Lodging of Wayfaring Men
Alea Jacta Est
Anatomy of a Pack
Ballistic Striking Secrets
Battle of Jakes
Cally War
Chaparral Challenge
Dawn of Chivalry
Deep Winter
Electricity for the Farm
FM 100-19 Domestic Support Operations
A Boy and His Tank
March Upcontry
The Road to Damascus
Hell’s Faire by John Ringo
Honor of the Clan by John Ringo
Ice, Iron and Gold by John Ringo
Indigenous Knowledge
Interesting times eZine
Knots, Bends and Splices by Jutsum
Lawrence of Arabia
Lights Out
Monster Hunter Inc.
Pax Americana
Private Law of War
Propoganda in a Democratic Society
Rebuilding Agriculture Sector
Sister Time by John Ringo
The Forest King
The Killer Caravans by Kurt Saxon
Book of Common Sense by Paine
The Tribal Way of War by Robert Kaplan
The Hero by John Ringo
There Will be Dragons
Analysis of Tolkien
Unintended Consequences
Absolved by Mike Vanderboegh
Watch on the Rhine by John Ringo
Complete works of Rudyard Kipling
The Secret of Black Ship sland by Jerry Pournelle
The Hobbit by Tolkien
A History of Cavalry from the Earliest Times by Denison
The Liberty Intrigue by Tom Grace
Soldier of the Legion by Marshall Thomas
Beavers, their ways by Taylor
Extinction Agenda by Pelegrimas
The Breaking by Pelegrimas
The Blacksmith’s Craft by McRaven
Good Housekeeping Cookbook
Twenty Years on the Trapline by Taylor
Hexed by Hearne
Wolves and War by Rae
The Queen’s Blade by Southwell
Vampire Uprising by Pelegrmas
The Tears of the Sun by Stirling
Howling Legion by Pelegrimas
Pirate and Rebel by CPT Richard Ingle (1642-1653)
Operations in Waziristan (1919-1920) by Sir Charles Munro

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Zimmerman-Martin controversy and public lynching


There is something about the story of Trayvon Martin’s shooting that continue to trouble me. Not that such an event could occur, but rather the public response to the reporting of the event.

Once I assumed we were a nation of laws. That each man and woman was afforded certain protections under our system of justice, among them the right to trial by jury and the assumption of innocence. It seems that has not really been the case for some time and this particular incident is one of the most heinous public lynching’s I have seen in some time.

Let us begin with the original story from the mass media:
Man shot and killed in neighborhood altercation

Then, this came out:
Protests over Trayvon Martin’s death sweep across America as anonymous witness claims teen attacked his killer George Zimmerman before fatal shooting

And This:

Black friend defends shooter of Florida teen

Now, the story looks like this:
Police: Zimmerman says Trayvon decked him with one blow then began hammering his head

We have had the POTUS weigh in that the teen looks like the son he never had, despite the tradition of POTUS not commenting on pending legal investigations and calls for Beer Summit 2 (because the first was SO meaningful) and the posting of dead or alive rewards from the New Black Panthers that would have done my Great Granddaddy and his Klan buddies proud.

Are we a nation of laws or not? For those idiots who say that Zimmerman’s use of force was disproportionate to what was going on, I assure you if I am on top of you and pounding your head into a sidewalk you are in grave and imminent threat of losing your life, which is more than enough justification to use deadly force in response. We just don’t know enough about the circumstances of how the altercation went down to know for sure how much blame Zimmerman owns, if any. But we do a disservice to him, ourselves and our society by pre-judging. If you want to go back to the unthinking days of lynching’s and hang ‘em high justice, you haven’t read enough history. Tomorrow the rope may come for you…

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Legal stuff

Some good stuff to keep an eye on:

In defense of “Stand Your Ground” laws

Marines no confidence in Obama

LA City considers banning free speech

UK schools ban kids from being “best friends”

SCOTA slaps down EPA

CA union demands parents stop volunteering

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New video on Pipe Smoking and Preparedness

Got a video up, in 2 parts, on Pipe Smoking and Preparedness. Still trying to figure out this editing thing, both parts have about 8 minutes of black at the end, just skip it and go to part 2. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Going to get Ivideo for my Mac to take downrange this year, maybe I will have better luck there, or at least more practice!

I have some friends, some honest friends, and honest friends are few; My pipe of briar, my open fire, A book that’s not too new.
Robert Service


Arrowcard review

Here are the videos on my review of the arrowcard and arrowhead dogtag. Bottom line upfront, get them! They are available from http://www.eqinoxcoronado.com and I love them!

All those who like this blog, our KavemansOutdoors facebook page or cptcaveman.wordpress.com will be entered in a drawing to win one of two of the dogtag arrowheads I am giving away! Thanks to Phil B. for this excellent product and for sending them to me to try out!

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Getting started 101

I got a text message from a dear Sister this morning and it set me off on a tear. She has been reading the DEEP WINTER series, which I love, and it has her thinking about her state of resiliency, or lack thereof. So, she asked me to help her out and gave me a couple of things off the top of her head that she wanted, like a house in the country off the grid.

She is both right and wrong. Very right in that she is identifying her heart’s desire for her larger life. She wants a home. And that would meet her shelter, energy and other needs. It is wrong, because it is putting the cart before the horse. I find this to be one of two very typical responses to individuals who realize how fragile their existence is.

One response is to run out and buy stuff that makes us feel more secure. We see a lot of this right after a major disaster or in preparation for some hyped event like Y2K. Look for a lot of good deals on stuff on Craig’s List after Dec 2012! This doesn’t work because those preps don’t become part of a person’s life; they are just a temporary security blanket that we pull up because we feel threatened. But, sooner or later, we have buyer’s remorse, realizing these things don’t have a real place in our day to day lives and they get sold or stuffed into the back of the garage and forgotten.

The other response is to put the head back in the sand as quickly as possible. Humanities ability for self-deception, especially when compounded by normalcy bias, is incredible. This type person is a sheeple and happy to be so.

So, what is the right response to realizing how fragile our systems of support are? I got to thinking how to best help my Sister respond to her growing realizations and came up with the resources below. This is a much more holistic approach than simply running out and buying a pallet of freeze dried food, a couple of guns and a thousand rounds of ammo. As one of my most significant recent sources of inspiration has as his tag line, “Everything we do today should make our lives better, if things go bad or even if they don’t”. So, with that philosophy in mind, here is how I would advise a complete newbie to approach the huge idea of prepping for their lives.

Step 1: Conduct research
This is very necessary and should not be skipped. It is a lifelong endeavor, part of the lifelong process of learning, but we are going to focus this a bit. This will enable us to avoid buyer’s remorse (No need to buy things that don’t apply to the situation you face) and add things to our lives in some order of priority and usefulness.
So, stop what you are doing and listen to the following podcasts and visit these specific internet board pages.

Jack’s presentation at the Liberty Forum
Survival.com is running a special, 7 DVD’s for $99.95. Get Woodsmaster 1-5 and Urbanmaster 1 and 2. Don’t ask, just DO IT!

Modern Survival Philosophy
Situational Awareness vs. Normalcy Bias
Setting and Prioritizing survival planning goals
Passion, Persistence and Planning always beat Paranoia

There is no down-side to prepping

Disaster Probability, Impact and Commonality

Forum pages:
Best of threads at The Survival Podcast forum

FAQ’s on survival.com

Step 2: Threat assessment
This is a fairly simple process. Don’t over think it, but spend some time thinking about your local area and your life and identify the threats you are likely to face. If you listened to the threat assessment podcast you know what to do now. HERE is a sample form I use.

Step 3: Identify your assets and liabilities
Before beginning any journey it is necessary to know where you are now. Now that you know which threats you are most likely to face, and taking into account the commonality of disaster preparation, identify where you are weak and where you already have resiliency.

Step 4: make a plan
First, using the threat assessment, prioritize the areas of your life that you want to improve first. Make another list of those areas that would be easiest to improve. For example, clean water may be 3rd or 4th on your list of priorities, but you can drastically improve it simply by buying a Berkey water filter. You may opt to do this before something of higher priority but longer term or more expensive like solar backup systems. I liken this to Dave Ramsey’s advice to pay off the smallest debt first, the Debt Snowball. Once you have the easy to do and moderately important things taken care of, resources are freed up for higher priority or more difficult projects. Lay your time and money investments out in a logical sequence, then SET DATES to accomplish things!

Step 5: monitor and adjust
Using the OODA loop process (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) make adjustment to your plan periodically. Life changes, you discover some things are not your bag of tea, whatever. Your plan should adjust accordingly. Remember, if you don’t like living in the country, don’t make a remote retreat part of your plan. Build community and resiliency in your preferred urban setting. We all are limited by our resources, that is no excuse to sit back and do nothing.

This is where I would start. Your survival/preparedness/resiliency plan must be your own, or you won’t follow it. It’s like going on a diet, if you don’t make it part of an overall lifestyle change your just on the yo-yo diet bandwagon. If anyone has specific questions after this, please feel free to put them in the comments, if I don’t have the answer I can direct you to several sources that do. Check out the forums and podcasts on the right margin as well. There is far more good info on those sites than anyone can assimilate.

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Updates on Youtube

I finally got around to editing a lot of video I have shot recently and getting some of it uploaded to Youtube. I did a review of the Baikal 20 gauge side by side and the Mossberg 500E in 410. In addition, I did a review of my new Buck Hoodlum Punk and the custom Kydex sheath made for it by Armadillo Sheaths. Take a look!

Armadillo Sheaths

Survival.com, go to the General Store for the Punk